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As we live our lives, we change. Sometimes we change by will or chance, and other times it may just be a few simple words from a friend or even a stranger that touch us, an explanation, or story.

For most of us, it doesn’t mean that we drop everything and race off to change the world. Not at all, because it takes time to resolve that, yes, something needs to be done and I should help.

In this, our third decade, our focus includes YOU in hopes that we may be able to enlighten and inspire you to take action for animals.

Marion Churchill

That’s what I wrote then. The year was circa 1995 and the thought remains the same. But, now there are additions. These are the currently wildly excepted human activities related to the brutal and exploitive use of non-human animals. The “additions” are not news to us, but they may be to some of you and some may shock you.

Without fear of offending, this web site features the truth and lack of ethics about the use of animals, as food or clothing, vivisection, entertainment and more. We believe that there should be no comfort in ignorance and salute those who might be inspired to make lifestyle changes, no matter how small or large. 

In Memory of Animals everywhere 
All the darkness in the world
can’t put out the light
from one small candle.
We were pondering to chance our name, but concluded there was no need. So, and since 1992, we still are Compassion for Camden, a group dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals. If you'd like to team up with other activist, please take a look at our Member Directory.

The image of the dog in drawing above is by artist Rich Anderson. It represents our beloved companion dog Sarah. We found her near death in the fall of 1992 on York Street in Camden, NJ. She was our inspiration to get started. Sarah survived her horrible ordeal and lived a healthy and happy life with the founders of the organization until she passed away in August of 2003. Sarah is missed, but she remains in our hearts forever. Read her story here http://www.compassionforcamden.org/sarahs-story/

The following are selected videos from Peta.
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