Action Center

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

Throughout history all social change was brought about because of the actions of a few. Most of us have never been a campaigner or crusader, nor wanted to be. All we really want is sensitivity and decency on the part of others around us. We often don’t want to hear about the horrific effects of animal abuse and neglect. Yet, we can’t do anything if we don’t have the courage to know the facts.

Be brave and do your part to help end the abuses in homes, on city streets, in back yards and alleys. And as you read further you may question the morality of pet shops, zoos, aquariums, circuses, rodeos and factory farms, to name just a few. We — all of us — are in a position to change the casual attitude or lack of knowledge of today’s society and the misinformation or outright deception on the part of powerful corporations and governments as it relates to animal abuse.

Therefore, your help is needed to get active, write letters, make phone calls, attend meetings, spread the word every which way you can.