China: Dogs baked alive

Dogs are suffering a hellish death by being baked alive for a ‘better flavor’, due to extreme release of stress hormone adrenaline. Needs no explanation, but this is important to save innocent dogs from this unspeakable horror and restore some common decency for the good humans in China, who object to this.

It is legal and accepted and encouraged in China to put dogs into sacs ALIVE, and then into ovens to slow bake them ALIVE!  We know the government and culture in China has difficulty seeing that animals must not be tortured.  In China they are subjected to the unthinkable, of being skinned while alive and conscious for furs, beaten to make their meat more tender, cats boiled alive for food, dogs baked ALIVE, monkey brain dinners on LIVE monkeys, eating LIVE fish, and poaching endangered wildlife for bogus oriental medicine (example rhino horn which is merely keratin – no magic there!), and many more obvious offenses and atrocities.  The culture looks at animal rights as ‘laughable’ and the only way to exert pressure for change is with boycotting of tourism, and products.  Sanctions are necessary, but the U.S. government won’t do that….we are in financial debt to China. 

Please sign this petition to affirm we, as civilized human beings, will not tolerate this unimaginably heinous cruelty.