Mean Streets Page Two

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 Dead dogs Left: Neighborhood kids had recently purchased a shotgun and used this dog for target practice. Right: The renters of this Camden house skipped town and abandoned this dog to die in the basement.
 Stabbed to death Left: Stabbed to death on the Mean Streets of Camden. Right: A dog’s carcass is found in a field a few yards from occupied homes.
 Looking for scraps of food A typical sight: Dogs looking for scraps of food in Camden while three dogs run loose near an exit ramp off Interstate 676.
 Chained and freezing  Left: This dog was chained out all night and found hung in the morning. The dog’s paws were bloodied fighting for her life by trying to climb the side of the stairway. The ‘caretaker’ was deemed ‘too nice’ to be charged. Right: The former ‘caretakers’ moved and left this dog to freeze to death in a back yard cage.
 Abandoned dogs Left: We found three dogs locked in a trash-filled room to “guard” a dilapidated building. One died the miserable death of starvation. The two survivors were near the end, their weakened bodies had shrunk to nothing more than skin and bones. Criminal and civil complaints were signed against Rev. Shelton Neal, Sr., of the Faith Holy Temple in East Camden, and against his son, Shelton, Jr., both of Camden, NJ. A plea-bargaining arrangement found only the reverend’s son guilty of animal cruelty. Right: Abandoned and left to die less than 100 feet from the former caretakers house on Sanders Street in Camden. The dog’s crime: he had grown too large for the family’s liking.
 Miserable death Left: We spared this dog from dying a miserable death, alone in an empty field — covered with hundreds of ticks, internal parsites and barely able to stand — by euthanizing him in the truest sense. Right: Shot to death on the Mean Streets of Camden; the dog’s carcass was quickly removed but a light rain had produced an image of the suffering.
 Dogs shelter The dogs had to endure these conditions on an empty lot for several weeks. We approached the caretakers and advised them to provide proper shelter. The dogs were moved to their back yard and were provided with dog houses.
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