Mean Streets


No longer wanted, abandoned to fend for themselves, “thrown away.” Over the last ten years in the City of Camden the practice of throwing away dogs or cats was the reality for 150,000 of them. That’s 41 each day and still counting.

At least these are the official numbers, and the highest in the state, taken from the New Jersey Department of Health’s Animal Intake and Disposition Report. The real numbers are even gloomier.

It’s a practice so common that it’s accepted and sometimes even expected. Hardly anyone raises an eyebrow or calls the authorities, possibly for fear of retribution, and no one is surprised when yet another puppy or kitten is taken into the household. The newcomer may fare no better because there will be another day of moving, no money for vet care, grown too large for one’s liking, or too much of this and not enough of that.

The abandoned one often stays near her former home. She usually doesn’t travel more than a few blocks in either direction in search of food scraps. Often she will continue to sleep on the porch or sit of the front stoop. Now ailing and weak, the abandoned will still wag her tail to greet her former caretakers who literally have to step over her to get to the door. But, the door will shut, she’s not allowed in, no one in the house cares anymore. So she takes her daily chances on the mean streets to become a statistic.

Then there those who remain at the house, but are equally unwanted. Many are chained for life, others are bred continuously and without mercy to make money, some get daily beatings for spite, are left to freeze to death, get set on fire, are fought to death, are used as bait for fighting dogs, are thrown off rooftops, are left in back yards, basements and attics to die of starvation. A few of them are counted too because somebody may have called the city to come and pick up the dead.

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This little dog was found huddled in the corner of a Camden commercial building. This little dog was found huddled in the corner of a Camden commercial building. Sadly, no one paid any attention to his grim existence. The nature of his severe internal and external injuries did not allow for anything more than euthanasia.
 Burial A “burial” on the steps of a basement, in a house on the Mean Streets.
 Dead Mother Dog  Something we have seen in Camden, NJ: a dead mother dog and her still nursing pups. Thank you ALF for actually having the picture.
 Surviving  Dogs that may once have been cherished surviving on a neighbor’s handout.
 Diseased puppy  Undoubtedly, this poor puppy had suffered from mange his entire life. The incredibly advanced stage of the disease had produced such brittle skin conditions that bones had begun to protrude through the skin. He was euthanized at the hospital.
 Left behind  The people who once “lived” here had moved and left these three behind.
 Frozen  This little terrier was found in an alley, frozen to the ground.
 Guard Dog  An all but forgotten “guard dog.”
 Chemical burns This poor dog was rescued from the streets with inconceivable chemical burns that covered most of the dog’s body. No amount of medical treatment could save her. She was mercifully euthanized.
 Chemical burns
 Swollen leg This dog died as a result of yet another terrible neglect case. Based on a vet’s statement, the extreme swelling of the leg may have been due to bone cancer and would have had to exist for an extended period of time. Another dog with a broken leg was on the property. The “caretaker” was charged and given the maximum fine.
 Starved to death Starved to death in a cage in an apartment.
 Embedded collar A still trusting young dog suffering from an embedded collar and a broken leg.
 Liberated from chains This dog was liberated from his chains. But for how long?
 Rottweiler found dead A Rottweiler found dead near Camden’s Ferry Avenue train station. He was covered with what may have been the dog’s remaining food.
 Poor dogs Left: This poor dog died due to 100+ degree heat, no food, water, or shelter. Right: The malnourished state of these two dogs didn’t seem to bother the “caretaker.”
 Mean Three dogs were on this property; one was dead, another was severely starved, and a third was feeding on the dead one.Right: On this property, one dog hung herself; the other would surely have been next.
 Starvation A dog who succumbed to starvation was found among dozens of discarded beer and wine bottles.
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