What Happened in Camden?

“A dog starved by his master’s gate predicts the ruin of the state.” - William Blake, 18th century poet

Starved Dog

  Died the miserable death of starvation.


Jeffrey L. Nash | Edward McDonnell | Thomas J. Gurick | Joseph Ripa Riletta L. Cream | Louis Cappelli, Jr. | Carmen Rodriguez

  Dog hit The City of Camden, NJ is the county seat for a well-to-do Camden County where politicians have swept animal issues under the rug for decades. Clearly, this indifference on the part of the county freeholders has resulted in the county’s dubious distinction of more dogs and cats abused, abandoned, impounded and killed than any other county in New Jersey. For more than thirty years, Camden County has ignored its responsibility to end the misery on the streets of Camden. Little or nothing has been spend on anything more than state mandated programs.    

 If nothing else we demand - Proper Funding for the Camden County Animal Shelter!

Dog Fight

Was hit in the face with a hammer to “teach him a lesson.”

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” -Albert Einstein

Sick and starving animals make easy targets!
… the more a county has, the higher the percentage of abuse.

Cornered Dog

This little dog was found huddled in the corner of a building. No one paid attention to his grim existence.

Animal abuse
… seen dogs and cats set on fire and told us such graphic details as a puppy “slobbering” while burning to death.
“We are becoming casual about brutality. We have made our peace with violence.”
-Norman Cousins
Animal abuse rarely stops there! Our prisons are full of murderers who “practiced” on animals.
In 1996, county freeholders hesitantly gave in to public outcry by providing a county animal shelter. The Camden County Animal Shelter opened in 1997, but it was half the originally promised size.
The county’s lack of interest may have greatly contributed to the City of Camden’s recent and additional distinction of being the most “violent city” in the U.S.
The Courier-Post writes:
January 10, 2005 •• 628 words •• ID: chr2005011107055768 

Recently named America’s most dangerous city because of rising murder, rape, assault and theft rates, Camden is a city in need of drastic measures to solve its crime problem. That’s why U.S. Attorney Chris Christie announced last week that federal law enforcers, including the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency, are joining the fight against crime here. Another bold measure that could be taken was among a list of 14 recommendations a City Council committee studying public.
To date …
  • Camden County has provided nothing more than a mediocre shelter, and to add insult to injury, … it’s improperly funded!
  • County funding consists of a mere $150,000 per year.
  • Freeholders have gotten away with it since 1997!
  • No other county shelter is funded this poorly. Shame!


Demand that County freeholders address the root of problem by providing education and free spay/neuter programs.
The Camden County Animal Shelter needs$625,000in annual funding to save lives, operate properly- AND -to provide city programs.

“Never doubt that a small committed group of people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
-Margaret Mead

Action Alert!
You’ve done it before, do it again!
Your actions have ALWAYS brought results.

Camden County Courthouse  -  520 Market Street
8th Floor  -  Camden, NJ   08102


Dear Freeholders:
The Camden County Animal Shelter has never been properly funded. In order to make changes for the future for humans and animals in Camden County, I am appealing to you to provide the shelter with $625,000 annually. This amount will help save lives, allow the shelter to operate properly, provide free spay/neuter for needy county residents and humane education programs. Thank you! Your name, address, phone number.

Typewritten letters and phone calls are best. Emails may not be read for days, or may be deleted before being read. Also consider reading your letter during a public freeholder meeting. Thank you for making a difference!

 cappelli  Louis Cappelli, Jr. Freeholder Director (856) 225-5451 louc@camdencounty.com
 mcdonnell  Edward McDonnell Freeholder Deputy Director (856) 225-5458 mcdonnel@camdencounty.com
 nash  Jeffrey L. Nash Freeholder (856) 225-5466 jnash@camdencounty.com
 gurick  J. Gurick Freeholder (856) 225-5576 tgurick@camdencounty.com
 ripa  Joseph Ripa Freeholder (856) 225-5305 jripa@camdencounty.com
 cream  Riletta L. Cream Freeholder (856) 225-5453 rcream@camdencounty.com
 rodriguez  Carmen Rodriguez Freeholder (856) 225-5575 carmenr@camdencounty.com