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Please see our extensive Fact Sheet Links page for information about companion animal care, adoption, spaying and neutering, circuses and rodeos, factory farming, legislation, human-animal violence connection — and a whole lot more!

Unseen They Suffer, Unheard They Cry

Chessi, a Doberman-mix dog, was rescued as a result of a Primetime show. You may read all about her rescue in In Memory of Chessi.

How To Adopt an Animal

So, the big day has come and you’re ready to visit your local animal shelter. Your decision to adopt instead of buying is a noble one and you are setting an example for others to do the same. You don’t have to make an appointment to look around, just go there during their adoption hours. The staff will let you see all of their animals. Because of the overpopulation crisis, shelters usually receive new animals each day. To learn more, please read How to Adopt an Animal.

Dog & Cat Birth Rates

Tens of thousands of puppies and kittens are born in the U.S each and every day. As long as these birth rates continue there will never be enough room in our homes for each puppy and kitten. To learn more about how easily these animals multiply, please read Dog & Cat Birth Rates.

Spay/Neuter Myths & Facts

Many people are reluctant to have their animals spayed or neutered because they have so many misconceptions about how it affects their pets. To learn the facts about spaying and neutering, please read Spay/Neuter Myths & Facts.


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See Spot Die

See Spot Die (excerpt): “There are a hundred million dogs and cats in America. We cuddle them, talk to them, make them part of the family. Every year we buy them $5 billion worth of food, not to mention vaccinations, bowls, flea spray, and little pink sweaters. We love our pets. Except, of course, when we have to move, or get tired of walking them, or sick of paying the vet bills. Then we abandon them. By the millions. We tell ourselves they’ll find a new home, but the truth is, when we drop them off at the animal shelter, we drop them off to die…” 

The Mean Streets

The abuse of animals in Camden is unprecedented. Animals have been starved to death, strangled, set on fire while they’re still alive, abandoned, and left to die. We are witness to a tremendous amount of cruelty. In The Mean Streets, we present some of the evidence of such abuse; pictures of those animals we couldn’t save can be found here (but, beware, they are graphic!).

Pet Gifts 

Animals as Gifts?

The gift that keeps on living…

…and growing, and eating, and chewing, and scratching, and urinating, and defecating, and getting sick, and needing care and attention for years and years and years.

No one should have a pet unless that person understands the commitment involved, and is willing to accept that responsibility.

The well cared-for pet lives for approximately 15 years. That represents a major commitment of time and money. It’s a large, long-term responsibility that should not be undertaken lightly. It’s a decision that should be made by the person who will have that responsibility. Pets are not toys or trinkets. Do not give pets as gifts.

Give a pet as a gift, and you may be giving a gift that will never have the chance to keep on living.

Pet Shops & Puppy Mills

Most puppies sold in pet shops come from “puppy mills.” A puppy mill is a nightmare come true. The animals are viewed as tools to make money and are completely devoid of caring human contact. To learn more, please read Pet Shops & Puppy Mills.

Unwanted Dogs & Cats!

How can it be that dogs and cats are unwanted? If there is any problem easily solved it should be the dog and cat overpopulation problem. All a person has to do is to spay and neuter their companion animal. Simple enough. Right? No, it’s not that simple. To learn more, please read Unwanted Dogs & Cats!